Blackjack – Win Money and More

Blackjack - Win Money and More

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino choices. A lot of individuals tend to drop their money into the black market of gambling and then cross their fingers and hope they’ll win big. That’s all in the past however, nowadays, you can actually beat the house with the use of strategies and smart moves. Players have long lost their passion for the game though and it has mostly been replaced with a very popular game, roulette. However, there are some great blackjack strategies and tips out there. The trick is to acquire the secret of the game and use it to your advantage.

Blackjack Tip: Betting for Your Cards

How you bet will have a lot to do with your chances of winning. You need to understand that the dealer has no choice when to hit or stand. He is only following according to the basic strategy, which dictates that he must hit if cards worth 10 or 11 points, whereas he must stand if the cards are worth less than 7.

Apart from that, there are many subtle nuances that you must keep in mind if you want to win. Avoid making the mistake of assuming that you are guaranteed to win if you bet a particular way. You could say that there is half chance and half chance, which might work, but chances are slim if you’re under that.

Further, another blackjack tip that you could perhaps use is betting more than the minimum if you have the good luck. Whenever you reach the point where you could possibly double your bet, do so. That would increase your chances of winning and bring out double or even triple of your winnings.

Blackjack Tip: Surrender Your Cards

The great thing about blackjack is that you can surrender your cards and still retain your wager. In fact, you are allowed to do so, provided that the dealer has an ace as the one card that you are lacking. But if he does not, just think about what you have in your hand. Although it’s not wise to make a decision where you will have to resort to cheating, it is perhaps the best option you have on the table.

Blackjack Tip: Don’t Count Cards

Even if the game of blackjack is played with the standard 52 cards, there are cards that are beneficial to the dealer that do not appear on the table. You need to not worry about counting these cards, as you will not be doing any multiplication Against these cards, just count on the cards that appear on the table.

Blackjack Tip: Get a 10-Count!

When you’re done playing, if you have a high card that is above a value of 10, you add ten points as a surcharge on top of your original hand. The high card value will be the basis for your next hand, so keep track of yours as the numbers are rising.

At this time, if you have low cards, you can add an additional card, hoping that you will reach 21. Meanwhile, if you have a number of cards that are not 10s, you can ask for the addition of the cards that you want to be added.

A high enough card value will allow you to double your wager, but every card that is taken from the top of the deck will threaten your 21.

Blackjack Tip: Know When to Double Down!

The ultimate blackjack tip is when you have a strong hand, but you also have the potential to get a total of more cards than what you need, this is called a ‘bust’. When you have such cards, you can certainly afford to get more cards and fire off another bet. However, you should not go overboard with your high cards, as it could cause you to go ‘bust’ as well.

To play blackjack to win, you need to learn the domino88 rules and the various playing options available. If you know the blackjack rules, then you will be able to make positive moves that will help you win.