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Does Anyone Really Think They Are Going to Win the Lottery

The largest lottery by far in Europe is EuroMillions. EuroMillions is a Europe wide lottery jointly launched in February 2004 by France, Spain and the United Kingdom. France’s lottery operator is Francaise des Jeux, which translates as the French Games. The company is owned and operated by the French Government. Spains lottery is operated by Loterías y Apuestas del Estado and the UK’s lottery is operated by Camelot. It wasn’t until October 2004 that Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland joined EuroMillions. Initially the draw took place once a week on Friday’s. In May 2011 a Tuesday night draw was added. Both draws take place at 19.45 GMT in Paris. In the UK the cost of a EuroMillions ticket is £2 All prizes, including the jackpot, are tax-free (except in Switzerland) and are paid in lump sum.

The odds against winning the jackpot prize in EuroMillions is a staggering 16,531,800 to 1

It’s no wonder that every month there are literally hundreds of thousands of people queueing to win the lottery. Camelot, the company that runs the lottery confirmed that the number of people in line to win the top prize of Euromillions is now around 105,000. If the jackpot is not won then the prize is rolled over to the next draw.

The odds of matching all seven losing numbers is just 1 in 1, rotated between each of the sixteen numbers. The odds of matching any five numbers, is just 1 in 22. Those are surprisingly good odds for a lottery! The Ticket Value is calculated at 2/1 The overall odds of winning any prize in EuroMillions is a far more reasonable 1 in 22

It’s no wonder that EuroMillions is liked so much by it’s fans, it’s simply amazing. The cerebral British National Lottery has it’s fair share of fans, but EuroMillions fans appear to outweigh them. EuroMillions has a variety of prizes to collect. From the £10 Million Jackpot, to the £50,000 Senior Jackpot. The prizes are truly appealing and no player would consider spending more than they could afford to on lotto tickets.

Spent their yearly salary to buy EuroMillions tickets and are now among the UK’s 50 highest paid public sector staff.National Lotteryordevelops and operates the EuroMillions Lottery. The Lottery has had many Spin-offs from EuroMillions such as Millionaire Raffle, Wheel of Fortune, Fantasy 5, and Super7. All games are regularly conducted by Camelot, the company that runs EuroMillions. EuroMillions has paid out more than £1,TYP000,000 since it was established in June 2004.

EuroMillions has grown to become one of the largest online lotto games in Europe with over 200,000 players European wide. Not only that but the EuroMillions web site offers a range of lotto packages and promotions. Some of these include, EuroMillions Lottery Syndicate, EuroMillions Lottery Subscription, EuroMillions Weekly Togel88 and EuroMillions Television Syndicates. EuroMillions is a game of luck, not skill. Players have to go out and scan registered numbers on their paper Lotto 5 or Euro cards to find out if they have won the lottery. There is no skill in the game of EuroMillions lottery.

The odds of winning any prize in EuroMillions lottery is a mere 1 in 24. So your odds of winning an average prize are better if you buy more tickets. The bigger your ticket, the better your odds of winning the EuroMillions jackpot. Your chances of winning the jackpot prize are better for when you buy more tickets.

Don’t compare EuroMillions lottery to the UK lotto. The UK lottery has a far better record than EuroMillions in providing value lotto game. One in four jackpot prizes in UK lottery is a prize of £5,000 or more. EuroMillions jackpots average jackpot is around £7 million. The way you can better your chances of winning the jackpot is by joining EuroMillions lottery syndicates. These syndicates are made of people who shares the same passion in playing the EuroMillions lotto.

Everybody knows that the EuroMillions lotto game from Camelot is one of the most exciting lottery games. EuroMillions lottery, on the other hand, has certain encouraging prizes. Unlike the jackpot prizes in the UK lotto game, the EuroMillions lottery syndicates have a chance of picking up a prize for everybody if at least 10 of the registered numbers in the syndicate wins a prize.

By Karol