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Exploitable Poker Bot Opponents

Players that spend hours studying opponent statistics and playing many hands are not as strong as those that sit down and play a few hands per night. Time commitments and limiting hands available to you on PokerStars are just two examples of things that you may want to spend some time dealing with but never will it match up to an opponent that can exploit those weaknesses at the poker table just because they have more time than you.

Bots that play poker for a living have the knowledge in poker that you can roster in an hour and be profitable playing cash games as well as tournaments. They can profitable bankroll management, CEO’s of poker rooms, EV calculations, exactly which hands, when to push, fold, bluff etc simply because they have hours and hours of data that you, as a human can’t even begin to try to wrap your brain around.

There are also tool games that have been proven to be profitable for online poker players, especially if you build your bankroll around tight aggressive poker. avail yourself of these tools and you may very well be the one in a position to win cash games online.

For many people poker is a way to relax, socialize, have a good time and win some quick cash but there are others that play to win poker and that is the difference in most cases between winners and losers. Players that put in the time and effort to learn poker and apply that knowledge earn a regular income at the cards table. Playing tight aggressive poker on the other hand may take hours to perfect, but can be well worth the effort if the rewards are consistently positive.

Probably the most obvious difference between two kinds of poker is the fact that if you play tight aggressive poker against a loose player you can be comfortable winning because the tight aggressive player is constraints on their stack size and can fold nearly every hand, whereas the loose player can play with a wide range of cards.

The range of cards played by the two types of players are also dissimilar. Although a tight aggressive poker player may play with a wide range of cards, they are by no means loose players. In fact, tight aggressive poker players are quite tight and loyal to their poker chips, unlike their loose playing style.

The Pokerace99 Hand Calculator and the Online Wolverines

Now that you know the general rules to play tight aggressive and loose aggressive you are probably wondering how to make the adjustment and go towards a looser style of play. The answer is easy, but it may surprise you to know how many people don’t utilize this secret.

You can increase your profits by sticking to the tight basics first, then using the poker hand calculator to input the data so you can adjust and fine tune your game. You want to do things the right way rather than getting it “cheated” through a poker hand calculator. The goal is positive EV for every decision you make. This may take some practice to get used to, but will be worth it more times than not once you learn the boundaries.

By Karol