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How to Win at Casino Roulette - A Foolproof Roulette Strategy

Winning at casino roulette is you goal in playing this game. You must have a strategy to win at this game, and destroy the casino the way that you did in playing. But, there are no strategies to win at casino roulette, because the game is based entirely on luck. Although there are various advertised roulette strategies to buy and use, in reality, no one can establish a strategy that will guarantee you will win at casino roulette. Do not even consider buying any, because no one can guarantee a win.

Although most roulette strategies sold online are tempting to buy, do not fall for them. Because no one but a fool would ever sell such useful and promising roulette strategies, in the end, they are not useful at all. The only thing you can buy is an effective roulette system that will help you to win at casino roulette.

To develop an effective strategy, you must have a roulette system to monitor and keep track of the bets that you make in the game, especially when you make several consecutive losing bets. This is how you will achieve an edge over the casino and win more than what you give in.

To make an effective roulette system, you will need to do the following:

  1. Observe the ball and the wheel from different shots. Look at the speed the ball is going and track it. Remember, the dealer is the one throwing the ball. During good spins, the ball goes clockwise, but always stop suddenly and you will know what the dealer is doing.
  2. Record the number that comes out after every spin. This is the number that is always there, but what you have not record.
  3. Normally, roulette system sellers present their strategies as a way to make their money, but do not tell you the strategies nor where to find them. In most cases, the posted strategies are just copy and paste, and cannot withstand the test of time.

With this method, you will need to do some work. Research the available strategies and find the one that suits you. But here said, time is the essence of an effective roulette strategy, so make sure you do more than just reading, research and going to the casino.

Aside from the Bola88 system, you will also need a betting pattern analysis. This can be done with a pen and paper, or with a spreadsheet, database, or anything that can help you analyze the pattern or frequency of your bets. If you are betting patterns already, just copy and paste the strategy into the bet calculator of your choice.

On the other hand, with a roulette system, as the name suggests, you do not need to spend any money for it. As I already mentioned, roulette is already oret i.e. a game of luck. Because most players depend on luck to win at casino roulette, a good roulette system can already add to your wins, without you possibly doing more work. Of course, gambling is a risk, so always do your research, and make sure you choose a system that is proven and tested.

By Karol