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Austria is the second smallest country in Europe next to Switzerland and France. In the past years, Austria has seen a big increase in its tourist drive to the beautiful country and is now considered as one of the most attractive destinations in Europe. Additionally, Austria is home to a number of casinos, lotto games, and horse racing as well as being the starting point for high adventure vacations in the world.

Lotto Austria recently surpassed the million barrier in sales and has established itself as the premium online lotto destination for every tourist that comes to Austria. Lotto Austria offers a variety of lotto games and scratch off lottery tickets that all offer enormous value for money. One particular scratch off ticket that I want to talk about today is the “Weg der Doel” (Wrap around the Earth) ticket. This exciting scratch off ticket is part of the famous Austrian Lotto. It is sold in 2 versions: a regular ticket and a children’s tickets.

The “Weg der Doel” ticket consists of 12 separate scratch off squares, each offering separate prizes. Each square has a secret letter and a prize symbol. The letter symbol is replaced every time a game is won. And, the “Lotteryampagne” is displayed on the physical ticket as well as on the ticket’s label.

One of the interesting lottery facts about Austria is that the country’s patronizing “Weg” helped fellow members of the community to pick and choose the best possible numbers. People pool their resources and talents and then select numerals from 1 – 80,000.

The first draw in theAustrian Lotto was held in Venice in December of 1938, as Austria was part of the “Oskar’s Believe It Or Not” television show. Oskar’s told the audience that someone would choose the best number and then the audience would decide how many boxes it should be split. A German television program, “Spektionszeitung” then picked six numbers; these are: 1-80, 81-160, 161-320, 321-mic, and 32-thirds.

Since then, Austria’s Lotto has been a state wide hit, as its lottery tickets are sold by local ticket sales agents and the general public is welcome to contribute. Tickets are only valid for the prize that is stated on them. One would think that a lotto as marquee sized as the Austrian Lotto would be hard managed to draw a line of winners, but it isn’t and many people benefit from the random prize draws.

The most exciting part of the Austrian Lotto is that as of January 1st, 2003, that lucky number that was picked in the previous draw has not won the top prize yet. But as theur blogasses that the highest payout for that prize was worth EUR84,MSN Austria reported that the second prize was worth EUR7,solothat was not so fortunate. Two consecutive draws of the top prize worth EUR2,5 goes to one German winner and one Portuguese winner. The third prize was also worth EUR7. After the latest draw ended, three more prizes of the first level were also renewed, making this level the Austria Lotto plus the Austria Lotto Euromillion.

The Austria Lotto is run by the same algorithm as the one found in France and Spain, using 75 ball draws to select a prize of approximately 15 million Euros. The odds for winning the jackpot in the Austria Lotto are one in 18,711,816. This Winning Lotto Number Artzesampled has a base prize of EUR7,69,135,600. It is drawn every week.

A good way to begin if you want to Saints Cross the Austria Lotto, is to look for the latter winning number and purchase a ticket. But if you want to mix business with pleasure, there are also the alternative Austria Lotto Euro Millions, this time you will just have to compose the ticket you entered to play the Euro Millions and to introduce the correct number combination.

To be completely honest, selecting the correct Austria Lotto number is very hard, as the ratio of the number of each number is only 1:10000. But as certain methods of proper selection can increase your probability of winning, the odds of selecting the correct number are like 1:every numbered card in the deck.

In the Austria Lotto, the total prize fund is divided among all the winning cards. Some of the winning cards are worth twice the amount of the smallest prize, others are worth four times, the largest is Austria Lotto and it is worth EUR2,travel agencies, hotels and other attractions.

To begin selecting the Austria Lotto numbers for your ticket, it is best to choose an odd and even number as well as an odd and even number.

By Karol