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Online Poker - The New Social Network

For those of us intertwined in this competitive world of online gaming, we are connected by a commonality of interest and passion. This is the world of online gaming and it’s a world where everyone comes to play.

Everywhere you look, it is like a new game, a new exotic place to learn to play, a new challenging profile to master, a desire to prove themselves superior and a heaven of a good time. A world where anything can happen…and it’s always happening.

This new way of life is typified by the boom of the poker, the new social media phenomenon. While most of the online gaming sites operate on software rolled out by one of the big online gaming software houses such as:Microgaming,Playtech, orRealTime Gaming, not everyone can afford the time it takes to download and install these kinds of software, especially the older model of software.

The younger generation of poker is learning how to play poker in the flash of an eye. They might not have the patience to wait for the software to be downloaded, so they might just play by the site where the poker is played instead. The advantage of this is that the poker site is able to provide the action instantly, in real-time. Action that might normally taken over 24 hours or more by the old technology.

The social aspect of poker is also very important to the poker success story. Poker is much more than just a game of cards with friends, or even opponents. For the most part, poker results, and the stories behind them, are much more interesting, and personal.

An even greater impact on poker than the gaming definition has to be the marketing. Poker, in all of its forms, is a tough game to win over peoples’ Hearts, minds and money. One of the most effective ways to market a game is to name it after the thing on the front of the box, whether that is a specialty brand of chips, a carmaker’s logo, or a restaurant’s logo.

Once a poker player knows the game, and has a little faith that he can take on the best in a game of high stakes and still look good doing it, then poker is the thing for him. Poker is the game he is best at, the one that he is the best at mastering. But poker is a mistake to try to master, a game of many facets, a subjective matter best served by luck and intuition to draw victory from.

Once a poker player knows his game and has faith that he can do well at poker, it is time to look for the perfect poker site. A perfect online poker site is not to be found. There are, however, a few sites that are perfect for a poker player, no matter the type of game he is looking to improve.

The first of these sites that are perfect for a poker player are affiliates of poker rooms. The reason these poker affiliates exist is not to attract poker players but rather to bring poker players to the poker rooms.

The best poker sites are not found through affiliate sites. They arise in the online poker rooms because they are perfect natural partners. They are friends of the poker rooms, having played there and everything else that is in between. They have the same view of the poker sites and, because of that, a perfect natural partnership can exist.

What that means is that the poker88 affiliate sites exist to get players, and lots of them. They devise a system where they give referral poker players, usually for a payment of a certain minimum amount of money, a bonus of some minimum amount of money or a combination of these two.

The referral poker site makes money because the referral wants the player to play at their poker rooms. The poker rooms pay the poker affiliates, not the players.

Even though the affiliates make money, the poker sites do not give a way to play for free. In order to be able to play for free, a poker site might need to offer “free play” versions of their websites. This is done in order to have potential poker players register for their website so that they can be ready to play the real poker game once they have deposited for their membership.

There is no catch. referrals from people will generate extra traffic, enough for the poker rooms to make their money. The poker rooms do this by giving away points, usually in the form of bonus codes. When people refer a friend to the poker site, the referral might get a bonus from the room. This bonus code has the specific details of the referral played at the same poker site. The referral is then eligible for the bonus.

By Karol