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the Perfect Squeeze Play is one of the most effective moves in tournament poker. It can be an effective way to build your chip stack and see you progress to an in the money finish in poker tournaments. However because the poker the Perfect Squeeze Play sees you attempting to collect as many chips as possible when you have theleast amount of chips, you can be prone to many bad beats and lose your chips to other players.

The squeeze play is a situation where you attempt to get a good hand when you are one of the early players and there are no clear high quality hands in the middle positions, so you can attempt to the Perfect Squeeze Play with a hand like a high card deposit 20 bonus 30.

It only happens to a maximum of 4 players at the poker table, so if there are less then 4 players in the hand, you can try to keep the game pot edge until all of the players where forced to act with lousy hands and they all just checked in.

When you do get a good hand such as a high pair or an ace with a good kicker, then you should try to keep the betting up until the end to try to squeeze more chips from the pot.You should bet between half and three quarters of the pot size at this stage and it should be enough to scare away some players.

When you have a good hand square off with your squeeze play and you’re sure you have the best hand, you need to try to B ditch as many players as you can by re-raising their bets.

This movesave your chip stack a lot and with good hands you can usually easily get two or three players to fold whom you don’t want to play against. If you’re a tight player then this move can backfire, but if you’re a loose player then this move can backfire, making your squeeze play less effective.

Best of all, when you make your squeeze play, you don’t want to make a c-bet so that the c-bet will be to your disadvantage. Instead, you want to make a strong check raise, so that the c-bet will be to your advantage and not to your disadvantage. However, if you check, and a questionable hand comes on the flop, you have to be able to fold very fast, without being able to take any kind of a bear off.

There are two kinds of squeeze plays: Tight squeeze and Loose squeeze. When you squeeze with a hand like ace queen to put pressure on a short stack, you risk the chance of being outdrawn by a better hand. When you squeeze with suited cards, you have a better chance of getting the cards you need for a strong hand.

When you squeeze, you want to make a c-bet so that the c-bet will be to your advantage and not disadvantage. It should be strong enough to take any raising that may come and make your squeeze play effective. If you don’t bet enough you won’t be able to squeeze enough and will be at a severe disadvantage.

Another important thing to remember is that when you squeeze, you want your opponents to squeeze as well. If you make a big raise and everyone folds, then you are creating a very strong table image for yourself. If you raise 200 times the big blind and have your Rebels fold 27 times your putting chips in your pot, you are very strong. But if you make the same bet with 46 times the blind and get no callers, you are weak.

It’s important to follow the image you’ve created to your opponents. If your opponents think you play very loose, you will be very strong and when you are being outplayed, you can get out of hand. But if you have a lot of chips on your stack and play tight, you can be a bit more stubborn and play hands that are more value. There’s nothing wrong with playing tight/aggressive if you’re comfortable. If you feel that your opponents are creating a lot of pots and chasing cards, then you can play a lot more hands, but realize that playing tight/aggressive doesn’t always pay off. You want to keep your opponents on their toes; but know and adjust to your opponents. If you adjust correctly, you can steal a lot of blinds and create a tight table image.

Create a tight table image.

When you have a tight table image, you can do a lot of things. You can raise very conservatively with your pocket 9s when you have 25 or 26? before the flop. Then you can totally control the size of the pot. Sure your opponents will call you with pretty much any hand, but they will think that you have a lot of chips behind you either way. If you have a loose image, you can get into a lot of trouble with a lot of hands.

By Karol